Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 Hard Reset-Factory Reset

What to do before performing the hard reset?
- In case your Samsung mobile phone can connect to a computer then it is better to make a backup of your saved data using Samsung kies software.

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 Hard Reset Steps:
- Take out your phone's battery, SIM-card and memory card too.
- After 10 seconds put the battery back into your phone.
- Press and hold Volume Up key + Home key then press Power key.
- Keep pressing the above keys until Samsung logo appears for the second time, Then release all keys.
- You will be into Factory reset menu.
- Use Volume Down key to select Wipe Data / Factory Reset option.
- Use Power key to confirm the operation.
- You need to use the Volume Down key again to select "Yes delete all user data"
- Use Power key to confirm.
- After performing the hard reset, Select Reboot System Now option, And confirm it using Power key.
- Now the phone will reboots, Wait for it to be fully on and then you can start using it.

Notice: The hard reset operation will delete anything that are saved in your phone's internal memory, So make a backup of your data in case you can access them.

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