Monday, February 13, 2012

PortableApp Software-Development

Download The Platform 10.0

 Database Browser Portable - Manage multiple databases
 SQLite Database Browser Portable - Simple SQLite database management tool
 NSIS Portable-Unicode or ANSI - Windows installer and launcher creation Installer - the easy way to package portable apps
 Portablization Launcher - make apps portable without writing code
 Programming Environment
 SWI-Prolog Portable - Prolog programming environment
 XAMPP or XAMPP Lite- Apache, mySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin and more in an integrated package
 Text Editors & Integrated Development Environments
 AkelPad Portable - lightweight plaintext editor
 Frhed Portable - free hex editor
 Geany Portable- Text editor and basic IDE
 gVim Portable - advanced, feature-rich text editor
 HM NIS Edit Portable - NSIS development environment
 Notepad++ Portable - A full-featured text editor with syntax highlighting
 Notepad2 Portable - Simple, lightweight text editor
 Notepad2-mod Portable - Lightweight text editor
 Web Editors
 KompoZer Portable (formerly Nvu) - The easy-to-use web editor

How install portable apps

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