Monday, February 13, 2012

PortableApp Software-Utilities

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Application Menus Menu - An easy-to-use system tray launcher
 Disk Tools
 CrystalDiskInfo Portable - disk health monitoring tool
 CrystalDiskMark Portable - disk benchmark utility
 HDHacker Portable (Freeware) - MBR and boot sector manager
 JkDefrag Portable - Disk defragmentation and optimization
 Smart Defrag Portable (Freeware) - disk defragmentation and optimization
 File Comparison
 Diffpdf Portable - compare PDFs textually and visually
 Regshot Portable - registry and file comparison
 WinMerge Portable - file comparison and merging
 File Compression & Packaging
 7-Zip Portable - Multilingual file archiver and compressor
 Free UPX Portable (Freeware) - advanced executable compression
 PeaZip Portable - Easy to use file archiver and compressor AppCompactor - shrink apps without affecting functionality
 File Managers
 CubicExplorer Portable - advanced file manager
 Explorer++Portable - multi-tab file manager
 FreeCommander Portable (Freeware) - easy-to-use windows file manager
 Xenon File Manager Portable - portable file browser
 Ant Renamer Portable - Advanced file renaming utility
 AquaSnap Portable (Freeware) - Screen productivity enhancement
 BleachBit Portable - cache, temp file and history cleaner
 CamStudio Portable - screen recorder and video producer
 Checksum Control Portable - create and verify MD5/SFV checksums
 Command Prompt Portable - Simple link to a customizable command prompt
 Console Portable - console window enhancement
 Converber Portable (Freeware) - convert units of measurement
 ConvertAll Portable - convert units of measurement
 Disk Cleaner Portable - cache, temp file and history cleaner
 Ditto Portable - clipboard manager and extender
 DM2 Portable - window control enhancer
 Don't Panic! Portable - one-click application hider
 DShutdown Portable (Freeware) - remote PC shutdown and wake up
 Ghostscript Portable - Postscript and PDF interpreter
 IObit Uninstaller Portable (Freeware) - uninstaller and cleaner
 jPortable (Freeware) - Java virtual machine made portable
 jPortable Launcher - Run Java JARs portably
 Lightscreen Portable - easy to use screenshot tool
 Listary Portable (Freeware) - find-as-you-type search for Windows Explorer and more
 Revo Uninstaller Portable (Freeware) - easy to use uninstaller
 SIW (System Information for Windows) Portable (Freeware) - software/hardware info
 Texter Portable - text substitution utility
 TinyTask Portable - simple macro record/playback
 UUID-GUID Generator Portable - generate unique identifiers
 Virtual Volumes View Portable - drive and disk cataloger
 VirtuaWin Portable - virtual desktop manager
 WinDirStat Portable - disk usage analyzer and cleanup tool
 Windows Error Lookup Tool Portable (Freeware) - find windows error code details
 winMd5Sum Portable - check md5 sums to verify files on the go
 Workrave Portable - repetitive stress injury prevention
 XN Resource Editor Portable - lightweight binary resource editor
 Zint Barcode Studio Portable - barcode generator
 ZSoft Uninstaller Portable (Freeware) - uninstaller and cleaner
 WinMTR Portable - network diagnostic tool
 Remote Connectivity
 2X Client Portable (Freeware) - remote server and RDP access client
 TeamViewer Portable (Freeware) - remote PC support and screen-sharing
 DSynchronize Portable (Freeware) - directory synchronization
 Synkron Portable - file and directory synchronization
 Toucan - backup, sync and encrypt for advanced users
 Task Managers
 Daphne Portable - process explorer, killer and debugger
 DTaskManager Portable (Freeware) - advanced task manager
 System Explorer Portable (Freeware) - task manager and process analyzer
 Time Wasters
 WinPenguins Portable - penguins running around your desktop
 Cook Timer Portable - simple countdown timer

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