Friday, September 13, 2013

Acronis® True Image™ 2014 Premium + Serial Key

World’s Best PC Backup Software.
From Disk Imaging to Cloud Backup.
The ultimate PC backup and data migration software.

Backup and restore. Or transfer files to any PC.
Backup your data, and restore or transfer it to any PC hardware quickly and easily, no matter what the make, model or installed components of your computer. High-end backup, file restoration, and PC migration technologies, 5GB of free online storage, support of nearly all known backup media – Acronis True Image 2014 Premium is the ultimate for your data protection.
Disk imaging Even to the cloud
Backup and restore everything – not just the files, but the exact configuration of your PC including your operating system, settings, and applications. Get double protection – local, and now online too!
PC migration Premium
Transfer your files, folders or the entire system to any PC – True Image Premium makes migration to a new make or model PC fast and simple.
Free online storage
Start off with your own piece of the cloud. We give you 5GB of FREE, ultra-secure cloud storage for one year. Customize access rights and rules then use it to backup, sync, share, or store any type of files or folders.
Restore anywhere Premium
Easily restore files, programs, or your entire system anywhere you need, including dynamic disks, and even Microsoft Windows Pre-installation Environments (WinPE).
Incremental backups and restores
Save time and storage space by only backing up the changes made since the last backup. And restore the same way. Even from the cloud.
Dynamic disks Premium
Backup dynamic volumes and restore them onto bare-metal hard disk drives or onto previously configured Windows dynamic disks.
Full Windows 8 certification
True Image 2014 Premium is fully certified for Microsoft Windows 8, so it’s ready to go on the latest PCs – and earlier systems too. Use it for any Windows operating system back to Windows XP.
Advanced File Sync
Fast, secure, simple – the files you choose are automatically pushed to all your PCs and mobile devices running True Image 2014 or our free mobile app.
Nonstop PC backup
Revisit any file, folder, or your entire system at a specific point in time – True Image records on-going changes as you work so your backups are always up to date.
Mobile file access
Get your files on all your devices. Our iOS and Android mobile apps are available for FREE.
Install any software and browse any websites with confidence – with Try&Decide technology, you decide if you want to keep any changes to your computer.
Secure Zone®
Store a disk backup on your system drive. Recover on the fly, even if your operating system has failed.
Set and Forget™
You choose when and how frequently True Image backs up your computer. We handle the rest.
Background operation
Keep working: True Image runs in the background and doesn’t affect any other processes.
Smart scheduling
Your PC backups run automatically when you want them to, even when you aren’t using your computer.
Simple network backup
True Image automatically detects your network-attached storage (NAS) device so you can backup multiple networked PCs to a safe storage site.
Time Explorer
Get a preview of what your system looked like during each saved backup, and choose the version you want to restore.
Extreme media versatility
Backup to DVDs, USB keys, external hard drives, NAS devices, GPT drives, or cloud storage.
2+ TB drives
Protect over 2 terabytes of files, programs, data, and any other content.
Your data, your privacy
Keep your data safe and sound with robust government-grade 256-bit AES encryption.
Flexible file recovery
Restore your entire system from a disk image saved in your cloud storage space or just recover the individual files you need.

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