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Infolinks it a great monetization tool

General Information

Category Advertising
Phone +1-212-201-7481
Employees 32
Founded 2007
Description In - Text Advertising Provider 

Infolinks, Inc. is a leading provider of In-Text Advertising services, working with online content publishers worldwide.

In-Text advertising inserts text link advertisements within the content of websites, usually in the form of double-underline hyperlinks. Upon a hover of the mouse, a floating informational bubble opens with content from an advertiser. If clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertisers landing page and the website owners earn advertising revenue; otherwise, when the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the bubble disappears.

Infolinks enables website owners and publishers to benefit from premium In-Text ads. Established in 2007 and backed by Primera Capital, Infolinks leads the industry with an attractive business model and guarantees the highest revenue sharing basis to all partners. Since the companys incorporation, thousands websites have been integrating Infolinks In-Text ads and they take pride in making the process effortless, easy and immediately profitable.

Infolinks In-Text ads complete the contextual web ad experience. Infolinks integration takes 1-minute only as it simply requires the insertion of one line of Infolinks script code into web pages’ html. After that, the entire process is intelligently automated without being held to any long-term commitments.

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