Friday, March 30, 2012

iGO primo

Simply Advanced Navigation
iGO primo®, the flagship OEM product in the iGO Navigation range combines simplicity of use with the most recent technological advances in features and functionality.

Main Features
State-of-the-art intuitive UI
Truck features
Latest Map Guarantee
Connected features
Intuitive features
Fleet and mobile resource management
HD 3D Visual Experience

Detailed Features
Intuitive features

  • Congestion detour
  • Real-time route alternatives
  • Hints upon detour
  • Parking around destination

  • High Definition Terrain Visualization
  • Additional Visualization Highlights
  • Breadcrumb Trail

Destination search
  • Smart Keyboard
  • Smart History
  • Point Addressing
  • Picture Navigation
  • Additional Search Highlights

  • Historical speed
  • Green Routing
  • Time Sense
  • Quick Planning
  • Real route alternatives
  • Additional Routing Highlights

  • Real Junctions
  • Tunnel view
  • Lane Guidance and Real Signposts
  • Driver Alerts
  • Proximity Alerts
  • Additional Guidance Highlights
  • Support for 4WD routing (Australia)
  • Voice Guidance
  • TTS Pro

  • Visualization of the direction of traffic events
  • Traffic

User interface and workflow
  • Design objectives
  • User-configurable 
  • Convenience Features

Additional features
  • Driver profiles
  • Outdoor Features
  • Application suite
  • Localization

  • Truck Navigation
  • SLAPI 1.2 for fleet management
  • User Speedcams
  • Branding and customization
  • Miscellaneous Application Features
iGO primo new

iGO primo Green Routing

iGO primo Driver Alerts

iGO primo Country Info

iGO primo Main menu

iGO primo Quick Planning

iGO primo Real Signpost

iGO primo Route Alternatives

iGO primo Route Variants

iGO primo Terrain Visualization

iGO primo Terrain Visualization

iGO primo Track log with Speed Profile

iGO primo Traffic

iGO primo Traffic

iGO primo Trip Real Junctions

iGO primo Truck Settings

iGO primo Truck Settings

Download iGO Primo Map Updates and Extras

How it works
Connect your device or the SD card to your computer
Create a free user account
Download Naviextras Toolbox, a free PC-tool, that connects your device to the PC and automatically scans for installed software and maps
Pick your map or content package and proceed to payment
Follow the prompts to install your latest maps… and you’re ready to hit the road!

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