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iGO primo app

iGO My way for iPhone
Your complete 3D navigation for iPhone
Powered by the same experienced iGO Engine used in millions of navigation devices around the world: now faster & more reliable than ever before, with a set of new features for even more intelligent navigation.

Main Features
Google local search
Green routing
Extras through in-app purchase
Free traffic (only in Western European countries)
Navigation to coordinates
TTS Pro (advanced speech)
Realistic, 3D Junctions

Detailed features
Stunning 3D visualization
iGO primo app offers stunning 3D visualization. Complex junctions are displayed in 3D to provide a rapid understanding of your next maneuver while true-to-life 3D models of famous landmarks and display of the terrain around you - such as valleys, hills and mountains.

 TTS Pro
The Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature allows pronouncing city, street and highway names as part of the guidance instructions. The new TTS Pro reads out not only standard voice commands, but also traffic events, a summary of the planned route and relevant country info after crossing a border. Text-to-Speech is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian. Note: The languages mentioned above vary in the applicable packagages.

 Google local search
Find businesses or anything else you need around your position

 In-app purchase for extras
Country maps, safety cameras, Rich POIs (Explorer’s package), Live Traffic: Save time by using the alternative routes generated automatically by your navigation software following the up-to-date traffic information available for your present route.

 Free Live Traffic
Our Europe, Western Europe, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Benelux, Brazil, North America lite, North America, Russia and DACH applications come now with FREE LIVE TRAFFIC information! Save time by using the alternative routes generated automatically by your navigation software following the up-to-date traffic information available for your present route!

 Realistic Junction View
Realistic images of motorway junctions for easier orientation.

 Sophisticated route calculation
iGO primo app calculates not only fast, short, and easy-to-follow routes, but also green ones. The green routing option is new, choose this one for lower fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

 POI search along the route

 Multiple Destination Entry
Navigate to: iPhone contacts, GPS-coordinates, pictures

 Customizable quick menu

 Customizable vehicle profile

 Send a question to Customer Support

 Optimized in-car use
Extra large buttons, simple icons, and a truly intuitive interface with streamlined workflow ensure optimized in-car use and maximum attention to the road.

 Precise voice guidance in numerous language
iGO primo app supports numerous languages. Please check out the description of the individual packages for the list of the languages included.

 QWERTY keyboard
Use the QWERTY keyboard layout with extra large keys in landscape mode to enter an address.

 Supporting multi-point routes
You can now add one intermediate destination to your route. This feature was introduced in version 1.1.

 Calling POIs (Places)
If you find a Point of Interest (POI) that has a phone number, you can call it immediately from the navigation application.

 Quickstart function
No need to remember road names and house numbers. Save an unlimited number of favorites for a quickstart.

 Smart history
The smart history 'learns' the user's behavior and habits, and offers a ranked list with the most likely destinations based on the current GPS position, previous routes, day of the week, and time of day.

 Where am I? - emergency function
Find help in emergency situations! Based on the current GPS position this function diplays nearby assistance, such as police stations, break-down services, ATMs, etc.

 Millions of POIs
Select from millions of Points of Interest along your route or at your destination, and you can easily find nearby hotels, restaurants, ATMs, gas stations, etc.

 Multi-touch screen
You can zoom the map in and out with two fingers - in iPhone style - but for quicker control one-touch operation is also supported.

 Smart Keyboard
The Smart Keyboard speeds up the address entry by completing the most likely city and street names.

 Explore the map
You can freely browse and explore the map in both 2D and 3D mode: zoom, drag, tilt, rotate, and select any point on the map as destination.

 Auto orientation
To make navigation on iPhone really handy, the application selects automatically between portrait and landscape format.

 Lane assistance and realistic signposts
iGO primo app makes navigation easy even in complex situations. Country-specific lane guidance and signposts give you even more realistic help in choosing the right lane well before the upcoming maneuvres.

 Day and Night mode
With changing light conditions when driving into tunnels or at dawn, iGO primo app switches between Day and Night mode.

With iGO primo app, users can select different images for their position markers, so the traditional arrow can be changed to a variety of realistic 3D symbols, including pedestrian, bicycle and numerous car models.

 Navigation resumes after incoming call
Following an incoming call during navigation, iGO primo app simply resumes guidance without any user interaction.

How does it work?

Upgrade to the brand new iGO primo app now!*
Easy to learn – this app is ideal even for people who have never tried GPS navigation before. The maps are part of the application**, for navigation you don’t need cellular network coverage. NO ROAMING FEES, no surprises.

Getting there – easier and faster
Select your destination — either by searching for an address, a place of interest, or by picking a spot on the map. Our Smart keyboard and Smart search make it easy. Our Adaptive Search Results technology actually learns from your use of the application and tailors search results accordingly.

iGO primo app calculates the route to your chosen destination and displays a map overview along with the most important information, such as journey distance and estimated travel time. Just tap Go! and iGO primo app guides you to your destination with clear voice guidance and a smoothly moving 3D map. Lane assistance and signposts are now country-specific and therefore even more realistic to help you find your way no matter where you go.

Apart from fast, short and easy-to-follow route variants, you can now also use our new Green routing option, for lower fuel consumption and CO2 emission. The route variants are calculated and displayed simultaneously, so you can compare the alternatives visually on the map and pick the one that suits your needs best. You can avoid freeways, ferries, unpaved roads, and toll roads, and the new Avoidances option lets you bypass any road section of the itinerary. You don’t have to worry even if you miss a turn: iGO primo app instantly re-calculates the route.

Installation and setup
Please note that since iPod touch and iPad do not have built-in GPS-receivers, an external GPS-receiver is required. Compatible are only those which are officially supported by Apple. Due to the size of the package, we recommend purchasing and downloading the application via iTunes.

Note: Continuous use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Background navigation has to be turned on – you can do this under Settings / Advanced settings.

* This update is not available for iPhone 3G devices.
** NNG will make the latest maps available as part of the free software updates, depending on availability. Conditions apply.


iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone

iGO primo app for iPhone


iGO primo app - Your journey starts here

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Navigate with iGO My way for iPhone

iGO My way for iPhone

iGO primo app all regions

North America Edition
USA + Canada in 4 languages.
Europe Edition
40 European countries in 29 languages.
Western Europe Edition
22 Western European countries in 13 languages.
Eastern Europe Edition
20 Eastern European countries in 17 languages.
Eastern Europe Region Edition
6 Eastern European countries in 17 languages.
UK and Ireland Edition
UK and Ireland in 13 languages.
Scandinavia Edition
4 Scandinavian countries in 9 languages.
France Edition
France in 7 languages
Italy Edition
Italy in 5 languages
Benelux Edition
Benelux in 13 languages.
DACH Edition
DACH in 13 languages.
Iberia Edition
Iberia in 13 languages.
Czech Republic and Slovakia
Czech Republic and Slovakia in 17 languages
Hungary and Romania Edition
Hungary and Romania in 17 languages.
Southern Africa Edition
6 African countries
India Edition
India in 7 languages
Russia Edition
Russia in 17 languages.
Israel Edition
Israel in 29 languages.
Middle East Edition
7 countries of Middle East in 6 languages.
Costa Rica Edition
Costa Rica in 5 language.
Chile Edition
Chile in 7 languages.
Colombia Edition
Colombia in 7 languages.
Argentina Edition
Argentina in 7 languages.
Brazil Edition
Brazil in 7 languages.
Australia and New Zealand Edition
Australia + New Zealand in 11 languages.
Turkey Edition
Turkey in 19 languages.


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