Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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Trust Seal
 Visual sign of trust
The visual WOT Trust Seal shows visitors that your site is trusted by a community of millions of web users. When you position the WOT Trust Seal in a visible place on your site, it works as positive word-of-mouth.

Gather user feedback
You can choose to include a ”Rate us” option on your WOT Trust Seal to motivate visitors to leave ratings and gather valuable user feedback to help you improve your business.

Trust Certificate
The WOT Trust Seal links to the WOT Trust Certificate that verifies you as the site owner which adds an extra layer of credibility to your site.

Reputation Badge

Real-time reputations
If you don’t yet fill the requirements for a WOT Trust Seal, a WOT Reputation Badge is perfect for your site. It is also great for personal blogs and other non-commercial sites.

Show your commitment and get ratings
Your current reputation is displayed, no matter what the reputation. This motivates visitors to leave ratings and shows your commitment to building a safer and more trustworthy web. The badge links to your site’s reputation scorecard.

Reputation Alerts

Real-time reputation monitoring
If your site’s reputation drops below good, WOT alerts you by e-mail so you can take immediate actions.

Manage your reputation
WOT reputation alerts helps you manage your reputation. They tell you when it’s time for action; the rest is up to you. What to do if your reputation changes?

Malware Scan

Security alerts
Daily Malware Scan detects if a hacker has compromised your website. It alerts you by e-mail if finding security issues which harm the reputation of your website and your business. Getting hacked can mean weeks of lost business and losing the trust of customers.

Utilises the latest technology from our partners
Using the best technology available, the Daily Malware Scan keeps a close watch on the health of your website. The service is provided by WOT’s trusted partner Stopthehacker.

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