Monday, February 27, 2012

Bitdefender QuickScan

Bitdefender QuickScan is an online scanning tool that uses a new technology to combine intelligent local scanning and in-the-cloud scanning, which detects e-threats in memory quickly.

Follow These Steps:

1) Using your favorite Web browser, visit: and install the required ActiveX/Plug-in when prompted.

  NOTE! A detailed installation and compatibility guide can always be found at:

2) Click on "Start" and read the END USER SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT carefully. Select the "Accept" button to use the QuickScan tool or "Exit" if you do not agree with the terms and conditions.
3) Allow the scanning process a few moments to complete. When the scan is over, click on "Report" to open the log in the default text editor; Save the log to a location of your choice.

If you need more details regarding the scan report please, visit “Detect and Remove Malware” under the “Fight Against Malware” category in the pull-down menu to the left.

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