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The web may be free, but we all know that to safely bank online, buy music, software, or books, or even simply surf the web, there is a price to pay. To combat online threats, firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software have become essential investments for any home or business computer. These programs monitor and control system access and scan and remove your system of malicious or spying software.

But the range and sophistication of malicious software and hacking techniques is rapidly expanding and against which traditional software solutions do not provide a proactive defense. Now, Privacyware meets this need with Privatefirewall ― a proactive, multi-layered defense solution for Windows desktops and servers. What's more - Privatefirewall is absolutely FREE of charge.

Product Feature Privatefirewall

  • Windows 7, Vista & XP support 
  • Zero-hour anti-virus protection
  • Zero-hour spyware protection
  • Zero-hour malware protection
  • IPv6/IPv4 packet filtering 
  • Behavioral hacker protection
  • Personal Firewall
  • Website/IP filtering
  • Anti-logger module 
  • Advanced Application Security
  • Advanced Reporting module
  • Process Security
  • Registry protection
  • System Anomaly Detection
  • Email Anomaly Detection
Consider these latest, dangerous forms of malware and intrusion:
Crimeware ― Malware programs and online schemes intended to extort your money or property. 
Drive-by Downloads ― While surfing the web, it is now possible to download malicious software programs without even realizing it!
Keyloggers ― Malware that captures what you type into your keyboard, (i.e. credit card numbers, personal identification numbers, passwords, etc). 
Rootkits ― Software programs designed to hide running processes, files or system data. Rootkits are often installed secretly via the "Drive-by Download" method. They allow intruders to secure and maintain access to your computer. 

Have you read about these latest forms of online threat? Have you fallen victim to any of them? Would you know if you had? Privacyware Privatefirewall addresses precisely these and other Windows threats.

Signature-less, Behavioral-based Monitoring and Defense
Privatefirewall detects, blocks and quarantines activity characteristic of known malware, hacking, phishing and other threat types so that personal computer users and IT managers within small, medium or large organizations can more effectively and proactively protect the environments and private data for which they are responsible. An exceptionally simple user interface makes Privatefirewall a breeze to manage. You'll realize expanded protection and become educated about the nature of activity - trusted and un-trusted - that occurs on your system.

Take control of your computer and online privacy and safety - with Privatefirewall!


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