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Category Advertising
Employees 70
Description Largest independent online ad exchange

"We are implementing a top-level domain requirement, and will no longer accept sites that use free blog hosting solutions like Blogspot, Hpage, Tumblr, or .Co.CC (free hosting solution). We are also not accepting sites with less than 10 page views per day. If you would like to place ads on sites like this please consider using a different service, as we can't accept these types of sites.
If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask.

Customer Support"

 Hello Publisher,

We've completed the review of your zone, Top Banner ( Zone ID******** ), that you've submitted. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve it for our marketplace at this time due to the following reasons:
- Not a top level domain
If you wish to petition our decision or you have changed your site's content to meet our standards, please forward this email to********** with a request to have your zone re-reviewed.

The adBrite Team

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