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( Medical Education & Training Campus Hacked

Posted by isrtinkode on April 15, 2010
Full Disclosure!
The Joint Medical Education and Training Campus at Fort Sam Houston in Texas is to be the military’s primary site for joint and service specific health care education and training. The Center will effectively consolidate five separate major learning institutions at a single location, and will provide medical personnel from the Army, Air Force, and Navy with both a standard medical core curriculum as well as courses specific to each service.
The center will be the largest military medical education and training institution in the world and its creation is expected to be the largest consolidation of service training in the history of the United States Department of Defense, with more than 9,000 active duty students from all three services being trained at any given time. An estimated 32,000 personnel will be trained at the facility annually.
Health care training activities will be consolidated from a variety of locations across the United States, to include Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Medical Center, Naval Medical Center San Diego, Naval Station Great Lakes, Sheppard Air Force Base, and Naval Medical Center Portsmouth.

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