Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Yahoo Messenger emoticons

cheer Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 ~^o^~ cheer ridica moralul
dizzy Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 '@^@||| dizzy ametit
cook Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 []--- cook bucatar
eat Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 ^o^||3 eat mananca
give up Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 :-( ||> give up renunta
cold Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 '+_+ cold rece
hot Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 :::^^::: hot fierbinte
muzic Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 o|^_^|o music muzica
vomit Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 :puke! vomit vomita
sing Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 o|\~ sing canta
unknown Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 o|:-) catch capturare
exercise Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 []==[] exercise exercitii
high five Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 :-) /\:-) high five bate palma
game Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 :( game) game joc
search me Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 '@-@ search me cauta-ma
spooky Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 :->~~ spooky infricosator
studying Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 ?@_@? studying studiu
tv Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 :( tv) tv televizor
gift Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 &[] gift cadou
unlucky Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 %||:-{ unlucky ghinionist
down on luck Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 %*-{ down on luck fara noroc
fight Emoticoane Noi Yahoo Messenger 11 :( fight) fight bataie

Skype emoticons:

  Bear (bear) (hug)
  Make-up (makeup) (kate)
  Covered Laugh (giggle) (chuckle)
  Clapping Hands (clap)
  Thinking (think) :? :-? :=?
  Bow (bow)
  Rolling on the floor laughing (rofl)
  Whew (whew)
  Happy (happy)
  Smirking (smirk)
  Nodding (nod)
  Shaking (shake)
  Punch (punch)
  Emo (emo)
  Yes (y) (Y) (ok)
  No (n) (N)
  Shaking Hands (handshake)
  Skype (skype) (ss)
  Heart (h) (H) (l) (L)
  Broken heart (u) (U)
  Mail (e) (m)
  Flower (f) (F)
  Rain (rain) (london) (st)
  Sun (sun)
  Time (o) (O) (time)
  Music (music)
  Movie (~) (film) (movie)
  Phone (mp) (ph)
  Coffee (coffee)
  Pizza (pizza) (pi)
  Cash (cash) (mo) ($)
  Muscle (muscle) (flex)
  Cake (^) (cake)
  Beer (beer)
  Drink (d) (D)
  Dance (dance) \o/ \:D/ \:d/
  Ninja (ninja)
  Star (*)
  Mooning (mooning)
  Finger (finger)
  Bandit (bandit)
  Drunk (drunk)
  Smoking (smoking) (smoke) (ci)
  Toivo (toivo)
  Rock (rock)
  Headbang (headbang) (banghead)
  Bug (bug)
  Fubar (fubar)
  Poolparty (poolparty)
  Swearing (swear)
  TMI (tmi)
  Heidy (heidy) – Top Likes, Recently Liked, New Likes

Another free MSN emoticons:
Smile :-)  or :) Open-mouthed :-D  or :d
Surprised :-O or :o Tongue out :-P  or :p
Wink ;-)  or ;) Sad :-(  or :(
Confused :-S or :s Disappointed :-|  or :|
Crying :’( Embarrassed :-$ or :$
Hot (H) or (h) Angry :-@ or :@
Angel (A) or (a) Devil (6)
Don’t tell anyone :-# Baring teeth 8o|
Nerd 8-| Sarcastic ^o)
Secret telling :-* Sick +o(
I don’t know :^) Thinking *-)
Party <:o) Eye-rolling 8-)
Sleepy |-) Coffee cup (C) or (c)
Thumbs up (Y) or (y) Thumbs down (N) or (n)
Beer mug (B) or (b) Martini glass (D) or (d)
Girl (X) or (x) Boy (Z) or (z)
Left hug ({) Right hug (})
Vampire bat :-[ or :[ Birthday cake (^)
Red heart (L) or (l) Broken heart (U) or (u)
Red lips (K) or (k) Gift with a bow (G) or (g)
Red rose (F) or (f) Wilted rose (W) or (w)
Camera (P) or (p) Filmstrip (~)
Cat face (@) Dog face (&)
Telephone receiver (T) or (t) Light bulb (I) or (i)
Note (8) Sleeping half-moon (S)
Star (*) E-mail (E) or (e)
Clock (O) or (o) MSN Messenger icon (M) or (m)
Snail (sn) Black Sheep (bah)
Plate (pl) Bowl (||)
Pizza (pi) Soccer ball (so)
Auto (au) Airplane (ap)
Umbrella (um) Island with a palm tree (ip)
Computer (co) Mobile Phone (mp)
Stormy cloud (st) Lightning (li)

More YM emoticons:

  O:) emoticon angel                   %%- emoticon good luck
” ingeras”                                                ” trifoi cu 4 foi noroc”
     :P emoticon tongue                    :-B emoticon nerd                      **==  emoticon flag
“scot limba”                                               ” tocilar ochelarist”                                             “steagul SUA”
     :) emoticon happy                     =; emoticon talk to the hand       (~~) emoticon pumpkin
“zambesc, sunt fericit”                                        ” vorbeste singur”                                “bostan de halloween”

  :-c emoricon call me                 I-| emoticon sleepy                       ~O) emoticon coffee
“suna-ma”                                            “somnoros, mi-e somn”                                    ” ceasca de cafea”

~X( emoticon at wits’ end            8-| emoticon rolling eyes         *-:) emoticon idea
“nu mai suport”                                            “ma fac ca nu vad”                                      ” am o idee”
  =; emoticon wave                         L-) emoticon loser                     8-X emoticon skull
“la revedere, pa”                                                 ”esti ratat”                                                  “cap de mort”
      :-t emoticon time out                  ;) emoticon winking                  =:) emoticon bug
“ti-a expirat timpul”                                 “iti fac semn cu ochiul”                                   “gandac verde”
      8-> emoticon day dreaming       :-& emoticon sick              >:D< emoticon big hug
“visez cu ochii deschisi”                    ”mi-e rau, imi vine sa vars”                              “te imbratisez”
   :-??  emoticon I don’t know       :-$ emoticon don’t tell anyone     >-) emoticon alien
“nu stiu”                                              “sa nu mai spui nimanui”                          “extraterestru”

 %-(  emoticon not listening          [-( emoticon not talking             :-L emoticon frustrated
“nu vreau sa aud”                                   “nu vorbesc cu tine”                                         “frustrat”

    :o3  emoticon puppy dog eyes :O) emoticon clown                 [-O< emoticon praying
“ochi de catel”                                            “clown”                                                         “ma rog”

   X_X emoticon don’t want to see8-} emoticon silly                   $-) emoticon money eyes
“nu vreau sa vad”                                     “prostut”                                                  “vad doar bani”

 :!! emoticon hurry up!            <:-P emoticon party                :-”  emoticon whistling
“grabeste-te !”                                            “petrecere, chef”                                                “fluier”

       :-* emoticon kiss                    (:| emoticon yawn                     b-( emoticon feeling beat up
“te pup”                                                “mi-e somn, casc”                                     “fara chef, ma simt rau”

     \m/ emoticon rock on!                 =P~ emoticon drooling            :) >-  emoticon peace sign
“super tare”                                                      “salivez”                                                     “semnul pacii”

   :-q emoticon thumbs down        :-? emoticon thinking            [-X emoticon shame on you
“nasol”                                                           “ma gandesc”                                         “sa-ti fie rusine”

   :-bd emoticon thumbs up         #-o emoticon d’oh                 \:D/ emoticon dancing
“bravo !”                                             ” la mintea cocosului”                                         “dansez”

  ^#(^ emoticon it wasn’t me         :D emoticon big grin                >:/ emoticon bring it on
“n-am facut eu”                                            “zambet larg”                                              “iesi la interval”

      =(( emoticon broken heart      =D> emoticon applause             :-/ emoticon confused
“inima franta”                                          “bravo, aplauze”                                     “confuz, nehotarat”
      :-O  emoticon surprise        :-SS emoticon nailbiting              ;)) emoticon hee hee
“wow, ma uimesti”                                        “mi-e frica”                                                     “he he”
    X( emoticon angry                    @-) emoticon hypnotized          o-> emoticon hiro
“sunt nervos”                                                    “hipnotizat”                                                   “hiro”

      :> emoticon smug                 :^o emoticon liar                        o=> emoticon billy
“ingamfat”                                             “mincinosule”                                                       “billy”
      B-) emoticon cool                   :-w emoticon waiting                o-+ emoticon april
“super tare”                                                    “astept”                                                          “apri”

     :-S emoticon worried               :-< emoticon sigh                    (%) emoticon yin yang
“ingrijorat”                                                      “oftez”                                                           “yin yang”
 #:-S emoticon whew!                >:P emoticon phbbbbt           :-@ emoticon chatterbox
“a trecut si asta”                                                 “bleah”                                               “aberezi, vorbesti intr-una”
     >:) emoticon devil                     <):) emoticon cowboy             ^:)^ emoticon not worthy
“drac”                                                               “vacar”                                                          “nu meriti”
     :( ( emoticon crying                   :@) emoticon pig                     :-j emoticon oh go on
“plang”                                                          “purcel”                                                 “ma lasi? nu-mi pasa”
     :( emoticon sad                         3:-O emoticon cow                    (*) emoticon star
“sunt trist”                                                            “vaca”                                                           “stea”
     :)) emoticon laughing                 ;;) emoticon batting eyelashes    :x emoticon love struck
“rad”                                                                “clipesc des”                                       “m-am indragostit”
     :| emoticon straight face           :(|) emoticon monkey                :”> emoticon blushing
“nici o reactie”                                                 “maimuta”                                                        “rosesc”
    /:) emoticon raised eyebrow       ~:> emoticon chicken            :bz emoticon bee
“ridic o spranceana”                                          “cocos”                                                      “albina”
    =)) emoticon rolling on the floor   @};- emoticon rose
“ma prapadesc de ras”                                  “trandafir”


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